A Girls' Guide to Football Season



1. Timing is Everything

Granted, not all of life can be scheduled around almighty Football; but when there’s a choice, choose wisely. Is opening day really the best time to schedule a romantic getaway? Only if you’re cool with a solid portion of it being delegated to the game. Babies, funerals, and  weddings are the only events that should show up on the Fall calendar. And even then, there’s a solid(good) chance you’ll be competing with the opening snap.

2. It’s Really About the Clothes

Look, as long as you can work it around your team colors, now is a great time for a little retail therapy. Just about anything can be worked into game day attire, so have some fun, be creative and for sure(definitely) grab that great bag you’ve been eyeing all season…and that dress, too.  And you’ll need accessories. (What? It’s for the game?) Perfectly valid.

3. No Need to Be an Expert 

Nobody likes a know-it-all. Especially if the crowd suspects you don’t really know what you’re talking about. Unless you really do live and breathe football, it’s best to just own up to your ignorance.  Sure there are exceptions, but it is typically understood that the female portion of the viewing audience isn’t all that up to speed on stats, strategy, and general trivia. You’ll look far worse by faking it. (See item 7)

4. Just Enjoy the Experience  

View football season as a holiday unto itself. It marshals in the Fall season and all the greatness that goes along with it. Warm blankets, cool nights and hot chocolate. It’s a social event to be shared with good friends and family and that alone is reason enough to celebrate.

5. Sit Back and Let Your Man Show Off

For the most part, this is his show. And a great excuse for you to do a whole lot of nothin’. Is he great at the grill? Fantastic! Throw some meat at him and tell him to get after it.

6. Silence is Golden

The next few hours are for watching football. Not for discussing relationship issues, upcoming schedules, life goals and aspirations, (or) ANYTHING really. If it’s not about what’s currently happening on the screen or field in front of you, it’s just not that important. Unless the house or chair is on fire, it can wait.

7. Don’t Fake it

He’s gonna know.  The guys can always tell.  If your enthusiasm isn’t sincere, a nice, “Way to go!” or “Great Job!” or “Was that a touchdown?” will suffice.  

8. Let the Boys be Boys

If you really HATE football look at it as your excuse to do what you love. Get out with some friends. Read a good book. Take his credit card and do some shopping. (See item 2)

9. Pick a Side

You’ll enjoy the whole experience a lot more if you have a reason to. A word to the wise: unless you’re looking for a little drama all your own, its best to side with your significant other’s team. Especially if your heart isn’t really in it. (See Item 7)

10. Feed the Masses

It’s amazing what a few wings and beer can do for your reputation.  However, now’s not the time to break out that super fantastic recipe you just found on Pinterest.  Simple, one word foods are best. Chips, dip, brats, beer. You get the idea. Hate to cook? Great! This really isn’t cooking, it’s just supplying. Step 1: Open bag. Step 2: Stand back and enjoy praise.  OR Step 3: Let your man do the hard work. (See item 5)