With large businesses forcing prices down, local businesses have to run very efficiently to stay competitive. Having a business management tool is no longer a luxury. It's a necessity.

POS systems used to be large expensive software programs that were outside the budget of most companies. Nowadays, business management tools are extremely affordable. For a low monthly fee with little or no setup cost, management tools fit into nearly every business' budget. 


But what is the right system?

Are these POS tablet systems really that good? 
Are they really going to fit a business owner's particular needs?
With new ones popping up everyday, are they going to stay in business? 



We train owners and staff, put together the network and hardware to ensure the system in configured properly, and provide support long term so that business owners don't have to search forums or wait for an email back about an issue they are having.


We know point of sale for retailers and restaurants. We know what works and what doesn't, who's probably going to stay in business and who is probably going to fail. We don't want to see businesses invest in the wrong technology and end up suffering the same fate.